Bonk’s Adventure

bonk 1 Bonk’s Adventure
Release Date: 28th July 2016 (Wii U Virtual Console UK)
Turbografx 16

With the recent announcement of the Nintendo NX, and an incredibly dry E3, it seems the Wii U is pretty much dead. Paper Mario Color Splash is the only retail exclusive left, and indie releases are dropping like flies, cancelled with the possibility of being moved onto Nintendo’s next wonder machine. It seems the only way to fill these glaring release gaps is for Nintendo to go back into the past, and the Turbografx 16 has been unearthed! Kanye West recently mentioned that his favourite system was the Turbografx 16, even going as far to name his next album after said machine, so maybe that’s what pushed the system onto the Wii U eshop. Thanks Kanye! And now, onto Bonk’s Adventure… Continue reading


pilotwings Pilotwings
Release Date: 14th April 2016 (UK New 3DS Virtual Console)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Super Nintendo Entertainment System games is something 3DS owners have been asking about for years! The idea of playing the likes of Super Metroid and Super Mario Kart (there is a lot of Super on the Super Nintendo. Super!) on the move have simply been dreams for many. Until 2016 that is. Keep asking and you’ll eventually get, with SNES games now available on the New 3DS eshop! Unfortunately Wii U owners with these games have to pay full whack to enjoy them on the go, but a recent My Nintendo reward has been offering up the Mode 7 heavy Pilotwings for those with the gold. I’m flying once more.  Continue reading


Release Date: 31st March 2016 (UK)


Shareholders have been pressuring Nintendo to release some games on mobile phones for a number of years now. Each meeting the question would arise, and finally, Nintendo have decided to jump into the mobile zone. And no, their first app isn’t Pokemon Go. There is this thing called Miitomo which launched a few months back… Continue reading

Yoshi’s Story

yoshi storyYoshi’s Story
Release Date: 14th April 2016 (Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console )
Nintendo 64


One thing that has always confused me is the hatred surrounding Yoshi’s Story. It reviewed fair enough if my memories of flipping through Nintendo magazines during lunch breaks at school serve me well, but once the internet was a common thing, all I read was some sort of intense hatred. Maybe I needed to replay it? And recently I’ve done just that, but I’m still confused. I always am.  Continue reading

Star Fox 64

star fox 64 boxStar Fox 64
Release Date: 24th March 2016 (Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console)
Nintendo 64

Star Fox Zero has been causing some sort of a stir this year thanks to the use of motion controls and dual screen action. Not being able to ignore these new features has had many players damning the game for being unplayable and yearning for a simpler Star Fox. Thankfully there is a way to entertain these desires, and that’s with a download of Star Fox 64 on the Wii U virtual console! Continue reading

Mario kart 64

mario kart 64Mario Kart 64
Release Date: 21st January 2016 (Wii U Virtual Console)
Nintendo 64


Revisiting classic games on the Nintendo Wii U virtual console always provides that heavy kick of nostalgia we often crave, though many times a certain realisation can kick in, breaking apart those rose tinted glasses. They don’t quite look like you remember them doing, and there are certain issues with the game that you weren’t even aware of as a kid. But here they are, and it takes an extra push to get over this nostalgia breaking obstacle so you can continue to have a good time. Mario Kart 64 has the reverse effect though, offering something so well and truly right, it makes Mario Kart 8 feel well and truly wrong.  Continue reading

Pokemon Blue Version

pokemon bluePokemon Blue Version
Release Date: 27th February 2016 (3DS Virtual Console)
Nintendo Game Boy


If you were a kid growing up in the 90’s, you probably played this or it’s red coloured partner. Pokemon was everywhere between 1999 and 2001 and those two years made kids into obsessive animal hunters, not stopping till the creatures were trapped within tiny balls.  Continue reading