Nothing Lasts Forever (It’s A Dead Xbox 360 Slim, Jim)

dead-xboxIt was one rainy September afternoon (or today even) that I woke to find my Xbox 360 Slim red and dead. Sure, I might be a bit behind the times when it comes to gaming. Xbox One? I played that back in 2001! PS4, PS I don’t care. My 360 is dead and nothing will bring it back! Well, the repair team at Xbox probably can, but only the desperate would go down that expensive path in 2016…

They said the Slim’s wouldn’t be killed by the infamous red light, but here I am staring it down. It doesn’t blink, it wins.

I guess nothing lasts forever, we are all destined to die, even the boxes under our televisions. But unlike the millions who jumped to next gen, I’m still not ready to let go. I have too many downloads sitting and waiting, hopefully still sat safely on my hard drives. I’ll give the slim a proper burial, but like a hamster I will quickly replace it. Maybe I’ll try the E, for I can’t play Lollipop Chainsaw on a One, nor on a 4.

R.I.P, I’ll join you soon.

Well, in about 50 years I hope.


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