Lucas Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Amiibo


Meet Lucas, you may know him from Super Smash Bros, but he’d like you to know him from Mother 3. Unfortunately Mother 3 is only available in Japan, so he’ll have to settle for people knowing him from Smash. Maybe one day, Lucas. 

His Psi powers aren’t to be messed with, and with a simple gesture, he can set his foes alight, or freeze them into a chunk of ice. Rather than fighting, perhaps he should use these powers for cooking and food storage? Make food not war!

Though his amiibo likes a bit of Psi violence, which is fair enough. Put him into Smash and he can be your psychic sidekick, or your snake wielding sparring partner. Shame the amiibo doesn’t include the rope snake, it’s an important character. So it says.


And here he is with Ness, who people tend to know from the game Earthbound, because that’s made its way out of Japan. It only took nineteen years for the game to reach European shores, so Lucas shouldn’t feel too hopeless just yet, he’s only existed on-screen for ten years!


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