R.O.B (Famicom Colours) Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Amiibo


R.O.B (robotic operating buddy) was the robot that helped bring the Nintendo Entertainment System into so many homes throughout the USA back in the 80’s. Its/his/her (we’ll stick to he, for he is a Rob) purpose was to make the NES feel like a toy, rather than a game system, and his inclusion propelled sales into the stratosphere, for who doesn’t want a robotic operating buddy. To some, he was the only buddy they had. 

These days R.O.B is a reference to the past, one which makes it into a number of Nintendo titles. He’s been in Wario Ware, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros., with none of these titles even suggesting that his actual functionality was a bit rubbish. His arms moved up and down and could grab or release things. In Wario Ware this makes for a fun three-second micro game, but anything can be fun in three seconds. Yes, even that.

This R.O.B amiibo is based on the Famicom (What they call the Japanese NES), and does everything the NES coloured R.O.B amiibo does, just in a different colour. It’s a hard life being a variant, no matter what your colours mean. They both shoot lasers, they both spin their arms within Super Smash Bros., just one of them does it with a little more red on their hands. The Famicom one only enjoys fighting when it sees red, be warned.


If you have both R.O.B amiibo, the most interesting thing you can do with them is to watch them battle it out to the death in game. The winner gets to become your A.I partner, and the true R.O.B. Only losers are variants, that’s what Famicom R.O.B tells itself each night before power down.


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