Roy Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Amiibo


Roy’s our boy! Roy’s our boy!

It’s good to see Roy back in the Smash Bros. game, criminally left out during the days of Brawl, and initially during the vanilla version of for Wii U/3DS. But he’s finally here, and that’s all that matters. I used to play as this guy all the time! All the time.

Maybe I dyed my hair red as a teenager to be more like Roy. (I didn’t. I don’t think. I hope not, anyway)

Maybe I liked the idea of a sword that was full of fire (Shaking the Habitual)

Maybe it was just because I thought he was as cool as I was. (No need)

So of course I was sad about his absence in later releases. I moved onto Sonic with Brawl, but found myself lost with the latest release. Pac-man filled a void for a while, but when Roy appeared as download content, yes, yes, Roy was mine once more.


Let the eternal rivalry of Marth and Roy continue on, make eternal mean something.

When I’m someone else, he’s my amiibo A.I., when I want to out Roy myself, he’s my amiibo sparring partner. Whatever the case, he’s mine.

Of course you can go buy one too…


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