Ryu Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3ds Amiibo


Hadouken! It’s safe to say that if Ryu wasn’t invited to the Super Smash Bros. party, he’d invite himself anyway. He’s the king of video game cameos after all.

If you love his appearances, but don’t particularly want to play as him due to how many times you’ve spent playing as him in other games, the amiibo allows you to have a perfect fighting partner.

If you’re sick of him, well, you can make him your amiibo A.I punching bag. Sure he’ll learn to fireball back, but that’s something to deal with further down the road.


To finish, here are a few characters Ryu has dealt with in the past:

The cast of Family Guy
Phoenix Wright
The Tekken crew
Ulala from Space Channel 5
Mega Man
The SNK gang
Rocket Raccoon
American Dad
Wii Fit Trainer

Maybe he’s just a very angry man?


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