Blathers, Celeste, Kicks, Resetti Animal Crossing Collection Amiibo


Some people say these amiibo are the amiibo that killed the amiibo train. With so many Animal Crossing figures available for a game which nobody really wanted, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, the desire to collect them all was pushed firmly into a ditch. But really, look how cute they are! How could anyone say they killed anything? Sure, Resetti carries an pickaxe, but he’s a mole! All moles carry those! Right?


All four figures can be used within Amiibo festival as play pieces, though if you think about it, the figures aren’t best suited for playing games together. Celeste spends most of the game asleep, rudely woken by each dice roll. She’s an owl, why force her to play in the sun?


Her brother Blathers has a similar problem. Each dice roll is a form of torture for these creatures, who sleepwalk from space to space. Would you drag a night shift warehouse worker into the early afternoon breeze?


Resetti doesn’t have the same problem thankfully. He does have anger issues though, and here he is arguing with a mouse. Maybe he does use that pickaxe for violence.


And Kicks? Well he’s too cool to play board games. He won’t even look his friends in the face. It’s like he stayed forever fifteen.

Thankfully the characters are better suited for being used within Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo. No dice rolls, just home design and RV based relaxation. Celeste and Blathers can snooze whilst you visit, Resetti feels no anger at home, and Kicks is happy to show off his pad.

There is no place like home, even for amiibo.



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