Timmy & Tommy, Kapp’n, Rover, Isabelle (Summer Outfit) Animal Crossing Collection amiibo


The latest range of Animal Crossing amiibo arrived in March to the party that no one else wanted to attend, Animal Crossing amiibo Festival. Rolling dices on a television with no sight of mini games to break the flow just doesn’t make for rowdy Friday night gatherings, it’s more of a peaceful Sunday afternoon sort of thing. But these animals don’t care, they love to party all the same. It was never about you. 


Timmy & Tommy come together, inseparable by plastic and glue rather than skin and tissue. It’s almost like getting two figures for the price of one! Almost.


Kapp’n has been the passage to paradise for so long, it’s hard to imagine him outside of his boat. I imagine he hums sea shanty’s to himself at home, rocking uncontrollable at night to replicate the waves of the sea. With Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo, you can visit his RV. It’s not where he wants to be, but you can force him into it all the same.


Rover loves to chat. Even to inanimate cats. He probably doesn’t listen back though, or else he wouldn’t be talking to so many strangers. His parents have disowned him for poor listening and following advice skills.


There is already an Isabelle, it even comes bundled with amiibo Festival. This summer variant can’t deal with this fact. Her existence is irrelevant, owned only by the obsessed.

I stroke them every night.


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