Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 3


With amiibos, despite over a hundred of the things out in the wild, there is a limit to how many they can pump out in quick succession. Toys to life isn’t what is used to be back in 2014 either, and so releases are spread wider, with a higher emphasis on quality, for no one wants another Smash Bros Link on their shelves. That’s how it works with the figures, but Nintendo have another form of amiibo out there: amiibo cards. These things are cheap and easy to produce, don’t take up store space, and allows for hundreds to be made in quick succession. Welcome to the world of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, if you like collecting, welcome to insanity!


Series three of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards adds another one hundred (One hundred!) characters to the total collection, and as you slowly lose your soul to collecting them all, you may wonder if some of these characters have simply been made up just to sell more cards. I’ve played Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, DS, Wii, and 3DS, but I’ve never met Chester the panda, or Stinky the cat who wears his dirty underwear on his head. I always seem to end up with a series of ducks, sheep and frogs, with only Camofrog providing me something a little less vanilla. He sends me letters everyday, he’s become dependent on my existence.


Cards are available in blind packs of three, the average price £3.49. Unless you turn to eBay or Facebook trading groups, expect to lose money, sleep and everything else to own them all. If you got hooked on sticker books as a kid, it might be worth avoiding these completely.

But they do have a number of uses. A single card can be used in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, amiibo Festival, and New Leaf Welcome amiibo. You can redesign homes, take part in mini games, or invite them to live in your town, no longer having to rely on chance.

Well, you still have to cross your fingers when opening a blind pack to see if you get the characters you want. £3.49 for a chance to win a visit from Chrissy the polka dot rabbit.

Just be glad they don’t do Pokemon amiibo cards yet.



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