Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Waddle Dee Kirby Collection amiibo


Three of these four Kirby characters already have amiibo figures thanks to Super Smash Bros, but the new game, Planet Robobot, provided the perfect excuse to make some more. They did it with Super Mario, they’ve just done it with The Legend of Zelda, a series of figures which offer the same functionality of the Smash line, just in a different pose. You either carry on with the figures of old, or suck it up and let your collectors bug take hold. The only cure is a house fire. 


Two Kirby’s. One likes to sit and contemplate existence. The other flies through the stars, too high on adrenaline to really care about much at all.


The new Meta Knight keeps his wings took within a cape. Not as menacing, but much more thoughtful about shelf space. The winged Smash Meta Knight is the guy who puts his shopping bags on the seat next to him on a bustling train.


When you perfect King Dedede the first time, you can only screw up completely on the second try. It’s all in the expression; one comes across with an air of cuteness, the other only offers insanity and despair. Don’t kill it, the hammer copy ability is still worth everybody’s time.


Then there is Waddle Dee, all alone, for the first time unique. As the Goomba, the Shy Guy, the Chu Chu of the Kirby series, Waddle Dee should feel privileged to be the first to make the transition to club amiibo. Plus they needed a unique figure to provide some purpose to the collection, so he simply had to do. Keep smiling though, Waddle Dee, even if you lack parts to do so.


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