Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 4


We’ve gone over the idea of amiibo cards, blind packs and soul sucking when discussing series 3, so let’s just look at a few of the highlights one can expect from the series 4 range of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. By this point you know what you’re getting into anyway.


Look, it’s a robot frog! Why does Ribbot not live in my town? Maybe it’s for the best… when robots start popping up, the invasion of A.I is imminent.


Then there is Lucky, the heavily bandaged dog, often mistaken as a mummy. Or maybe Lucky is a mummy pretending to be an accident prone dog? It might be lucky that this creature isn’t inhabiting my town…


And here we have the fourth incarnation of Isabelle, because there is never enough Isabelle.

She is my idol.

Use them in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer for specific design tasks, Animal Crossing amiibo Festival for balloon popping and other such mini games, or Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo to move them right on in. Or don’t, we don’t collect things to use them. Geez.


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