Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo Cards


For those who thought 400 cards weren’t enough, here are another fifty! This time the cards are exclusively compatible with the new Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo update, with each card providing a brand new animal with an RV full of junk. Once tapped into the game, the animal will visit the brand new campsite and allow you to order the new items or pester them into moving in. Let’s take a look at what one blind pack offered up. 


Here is Candi, bringing her supermarket RV into town. Candi always wanted to be the ultimate customer assistant at a supermarket, but the likes of Asda and Aldi are always rejecting her application forms. Instead she set up her own supermarket, though everything is plastic, and if you buy the toy apples with the chocolate money provided, you have to give it her back before you go. She used to live in a house.


Enter Huck, with his own self-serving cafe. An RV cafe is a novel idea, though with Brewster in town, no one wants to order instant coffee from a vending machine. Huck don’t mind though, it’s all about the cafe atmosphere to him.


And then there is Ursala. She is the number one RV florist in Animal Crossing, perhaps the only RV florist in Animal Crossing, unless some of the fifty cards overlap on themes. You can’t plant them in the ground, but they look better in the house than the plants offered by Leif. Don’t tell him I said that.



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