Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo + Sanrio amiibo Cards


Say hello to the cutest crossover! The series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards have been adding a whole bunch of new characters and items to the game, but these Sanrio crossover cards offer up items to simply die for. To simply kill for. Thankfully it’s only £4.99 for all six, so you don’t have to go that far… yet. Nintendo stock is always a funny business. 


Sanrio is a company which has only two goals; make cute things and make money off said cute things. You’re never more than six feet away from a Hello Kitty product, and they’ve now infested the Animal Crossing world with adorable furniture for your virtual home. Make sure you aren’t sensitive to things which are sugary, sweet, and all things nice. You’re heart might melt into a puddle from it all.



She’s brought her friends goods along too, including the beret wearing dog Pompompurin’s beds and chairs, and the squishy looking rabbit Cinnamoroll’s cafe gear. The animals themselves haven’t jumped in the RV’s to bring them over to the world of AC though, they’ve left that to their underpaid apprentices. Or terrifyingly obsessive fans.

The ones who make calls at night, simply breathing down the receiver till they hang up. Hello Kitty pays people to handle her calls, so she’s okay, but the rest aren’t so lucky.




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