Callie, Marie, and the Inkling Boy, Girl, Squid Variants Splatoon amiibo


In the space of a year, Splatoon has gone from an uncertain experiment to a new Nintendo success. The team based paint shooting  kept the Wii U from being completely out of it during 2015, and this year Nintendo decided to pump out some more amiibo to celebrate, and make more money. Thus, here are two new amiibo based on a duo who have virtually sung live in France, and a bunch of variants. Of course.


Callie and Marie (say it without the and) are super stars. They presented the news in Splatoon, told us all to ‘stay fresh’ and even played an important role in the single player story.

But they’ve also played live shows as all singing, all dancing holograms across the globe. To me their voices sound like Banjo-Kazooie gibberish, but it’s touched the hearts of squid lovers all over, so what do I know! It’s pretty catchy in-game though, a little Jet Set Radio, a little Battles.

It was only a matter of time till they got the plastic figure treatment, and here they are, looking incredibly fresh indeed. Shame all they do is allow for instant performances when used in Splatoon, but I guess that’s enough for the Callie Marie fans out there. I know that’s enough actually.

You can buy them together or separately, though can you see these two apart? Even if Marie won the Splatfest popularity vote earlier this year, they still love each other, no bad beef going on here. Or should that be bad fish? Or bad squid? Or… let’s carry on.


Then we are onto variants. Splatoon is all about dominating the arenas with your teams paint colour splattered against the floors, so having two distinct colours isn’t so bad. They unlock the same missions in-game though, so don’t expect new amiibo enhanced content if you choose to double up.


In fact, I feel that the new colours are even more striking, and clearly aren’t of the same level as glow in the dark/crystal/metal variants other toys to life figures have been available in. I used to have a small pot of glow in the dark paint as a kid, and I feel if I painted a Skylander so it would light up my night, it would look about the same as the ones available as special limited editions. They lose their more detailed features in exchange for new powers, that’s how it goes. It’s how it always goes.

I used my glow in the dark paint to make stars appear on the ceiling at night, by the way.


Though these variants are also meant to be special limited editions. They came out in July, but you can still order the full set with no troubles now. What does that say about limited editions?

What does it say about amiibo?

What does it say about Splatoon?

What does it say about variants?

Stay fresh, Splatoon, stay fresh.



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