Rosalina, Boo, Wario, Donkey Kong Super Mario Collection amiibo


Back in March 2015, Mario Party 10 was released to not so critical acclaim, and a whole slew of new amiibo also appeared alongside it, the Super Mario amiibo collection. It only feature Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach and Bowser though, leaving out a number of key players who could roll the dice in the main game. The Super Mario amiibo could be seen in-game for the likes of Rosalina and Wario however, leading many to believe that a second wave would soon be around the corner. Nineteen months later, and here they are. Kept you waiting, huh?


No one can explain the huge gap between releases, but we have to thank Mario Party Star Rush on the 3DS for allowing us these latest Mario figures. Three of the four already exist as Super Smash Bros. amiibo, but it’s nice for those who want to throw dice and collection coins with a bunch of figures which are thematically the same. In this case, the little star Luma wasn’t invited to the party, just the brawl, so here we are with a chunkier bolder Rosalina. She won’t say what happened to Luma, neither will her close friends. They just kind of… walk away.


Another reason to jump on the Super Mario line of figures is because they aren’t kept afloat by clear plastic (or piss coloured in Link’s case), The characters don’t have to pose like they do in Super Smash Bros., so they can feel a little less fragile, even if they may feel fragile deep down inside. Yes, even Donkey Kong has those days.


Plus as ‘cool’ as Wario is in his Wario Ware biker gear, there is no topping the classic look. He may try to distance himself from his other dungarees wearing brothers (or acquaintances, the Mario family tree is a little fuzzy. Gets you dizzy) but no matter what how he dresses, he will never escape the yellow and purple plumbing attire.


Then we have Boo, the ‘new’ new addition to the amiibo family. He glows in the dark, don’t cha know? Though after sticking him under a lamp for a while, he only gave off a dim glow. Maybe it’s because he isn’t smothered in glow in the dark paint. Or maybe it’s the energy-saving lighting. Things can get pretty dim.

But it’s for the planet!

Unlike these things…



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