Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Daisy Super Mario Collection amiibo


The latest round of Super Mario amiibo introduce us to some of the sides. The sides that follow the mains, the sides that sometimes don’t even get to do that. It’s tough being a side, you often get left to the side of the plate. Some people might even have the cheek to say ‘its just decoration’. Sigh.


First we have Waluigi. He’s never been in a main line Mario or Wario game, he’s only ever invited to the parties and sports events. The closest he ever got to being a star was as an amiibo skin in Super Mario Maker, though one does wonder if that was actually him. When Mario eats an amiibo mushroom, he transforms into the amiibo character used to access the feature. So when he turns into Waluigi, that isn’t really Waluigi, unless Mario steals the skin from his victims and keeps them preserved within special mushrooms so he can wear them at his leisure.


At least Waluigi seems to have a pretty rabid internet fandom. There is an image floating around showing a fan at a sporting event holding up a sign which says ‘Waluigi amiibo please’. Ironic or not, this fan and many others prayers have finally been answered.


Next up is Daisy, the last Mario princess to be turned into plastic. She first featured in the Game Boy classic Super Mario Land, but since then she has found the same fate as Waluigi, destined to wander endlessly from spin-off to spin-off.

Best known for saying ‘Hi, I’m Daisy’ again and again. She needs to let us know, because it is a terrible thing to be forgotten.


Finally we have Diddy. Diddy is by far the most successful side available in this recent wave, and has even received his own games in the past, with Donkey Kong Country 2 and Diddy Kong Racing. He isn’t as popular these days, with his spin-off punctuation being hit and miss at best, but he still tags along with Donkey Kong on most of his adventures.

That’s better than Waluigi, that’s better than Daisy, that’s better than nothing.


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