Lego Dimensions: Fun Pack Back To The Future Doc Brown


Lego Dimensions is the latest in the toys to life genre, bringing Lego mini-figures into the video game when placed down onto the magical Lego Dimensions portal. It doesn’t do anything too different to the likes of Skylanders, Disney Infinity and amiibo, but with Lego already being a toy, the most successful in the world, everybody already wants some.

You don’t need to sell the idea here, but you build the figures before using them, and can even take them off their stands, allowing for full on mingling with other Lego sets. Fun in and out of the game, these Lego sets are perhaps the best toys to life figures to far, and there is one more key element which makes them irresistible, even for adults. Doc Brown is just one example of it.

Doc Brown is the crazy scientist we all know and love from our childhoods through the film Back To The Future. In Dimensions he offers up his hacking, technology, fix-it, intelligence access and drone abilities, with the drone being a mini DeLorean, 88 mph and all that!

He even comes with his time travelling train, though it’s a little smaller than I remember it being from the films. It still travels through time, it sill flies and makes the same sounds, but he’s learnt how to save on waste since Back To The Future Part Three. An environmental crazy scientist is a rarity.

And of course you can explore the town from Back To The Future with Doc Brown, past, present, and future, without the need to pick up the overpriced Marty McFly and his fifteen minute long level. Seriously, if we go by R.R.P McFly is double the price with one extra piece of plastic transport, and no more than twenty minutes of extra content. Great Scott!


And of course you can quote him as you play.

”Me irresponsible?? All I wanted was for you to hand me a screwdriver! But instead you had me buckle down and…make you a…roofie…juice serum, so you can roofie that poor girl at your school. W-w-w-w–are you kidding me, Morty?! You’re really gonna try to take the high road on this one?? Y’know your-you’re a little creep, Morty! Your-your-your-you’re just a little creepy creep person!!”

Wait a minute, I think I’m mixing shows up…

Anyway, the key element is this: Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, The A-Team, Gremlins, Beetlejuice, Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventure Time, ET, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Mission Impossible… all available through Lego Dimensions interacting with one another. Member all those series? Yah, I member!

Nostalgia makes you open your wallet.

Nostalgia helps you drown.

The present and future is bleak, so let’s go back. Back To The Future showed us all this, so we should know.


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