Release Date: 17th November 2016
Nintendo 2DS/3DS

Nikki’s back with a new free app called Swapdoodle. Many have been lamenting her ‘might as well be dead’ previous app, Nintendo Letter Box, as its online letter sharing feature was ripped from her hands due to too many penis photo attachments doing the rounds. But with her new app, Nikki is seeing 3DS owners share letters across the globe once more, and unsolicited dicks pics aren’t making her sad anymore. Just doodles of them. 

Swapdoodle is basically the new Nintendo Letter Box, offering all the same features, sans photos and audio recordings, with a new doodle gimmick added to make it feel totally new. Scribbles are made across four pages of stationary, then sent off to unsuspecting 3DS friends, that’s all there is to it. The ability to attach the badges obtained through Nintendo Badge Arcade adds some extra usage for the money sucking app, and doodle lessons allow users to make perfect Mario mushrooms and Splatoon squids. It’s a cute little service that doesn’t feel so important now the likes of Miiverse exists on the console, but it adds a personal touch, everybody loves a personal touch.


It isn’t a completely sweet stationary treat however, as the majority of inks, stationary and doodles are locked behind a pay wall. If you want to doodle some perfect Mario characters with a collection of inks which don’t happen to be black or red, be prepared to shell out £6.29 for the pleasure of doing so. It’s a shame when Nintendo Letter Box offered unlocks via sharing and play coins, but this is 2016 and Nikki is a little strapped for cash. After the penis fiasco of 2012, Nikki needs to scrape whatever she can get, though if you want to do some serious doodling, Art Academy is a cheap get in local game stores across the country. Sorry Nikki, that’s just how it is.

For now just take pleasure in sending black and red scribbles to friends around the world. No postage required, it’s the Nintendo Letter Box reborn.



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