Mario Sports Superstars amiibo Cards

It’s a new week, so of course there are a new set of amiibo to collect. Mario Sports Superstars is the sport game compilation for the Nintendo 3DS which brings golf, tennis, baseball, football, and … horse riding together into one tidy package, and thus the new card series also brings all five sports together, with one card from each sport included in each blind pack. 

Each playable character within the game has five cards each, one from each sport, making for a grand total of 90 cards, which will surely get amiibo collectors sweating a little (a lot). Each card provides a stat boost which can be obtained within the game (albeit with a lot of tedium) so they aren’t essential, but then tell that to someone who has to collect them all! The days of sticker book collecting as a kid never really ended, and the sports angle hearkens back to those days of Panini. Not the sandwich.

I also tried the Rosalina card in my first pack with Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge, which led to nothing, so don’t expect these things to work outside of the new sports collection, which seems a bit against the whole amiibo concept.

Ho hum, that’s how the ball, or horse, falls.


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