Nintendo Switch Accessory Set

When you buy something with a screen, you’ve got to protect it! So here we have the Nintendo Switch Accessory Set, which includes a case to keep your Nintendo Switch snug on long journeys, a screen protector to keep accidental and dock scratches at bay, plus a … that’s it. I guess two items still makes a set. 

The system fits within the case perfectly with Joy Cons attached, with material soft enough to keep it safe from the outside world. Hacking or throwing the case might be ill-advised, for it’s only material after all.

One neat feature of the case is the ability to stand the console up with the game case holder. The Switch has its own little stand without the flap of case hanging out at the front, but its a nice option to have if your only tabletop surfaces happen to be damp grass or gravel.

As for the plastic screen protector, it does its job at the cost of bubbles and suffocated dust being a common sight underneath the screen. Can anyone do these things perfectly?

But what are bubbles compared to scratches? What is trapped dust compared to non-wipe-able scuffs? Ask yourself that the next time you dock your system with full knowledge of those scratch story horrors. Unfortunately I was too late, a thin line is forever embezzled on my right-sided bezel. And believe me, I was gentle, so very very gentle.


The Nintendo Switch Accessory Set isn’t exciting, isn’t much of a set, but it will keep your Switch safe. There’s value in that.


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