Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip is the product for those who don’t want to give their Joy-Cons time to rest, to ensure they can keep going without those things called breaks, that concept called waiting. It’s a product also for those who love the feeling of hard cold clear plastic in their hands, as seeing the insides of something can make things that little bit more… personal. It’s a product that suits many needs, I guess.

First we must play spot the difference, because sometimes I wonder if I can. It’s easy to understand the initial confusion many have had when it comes to the two grips, though the one in the box is simply a shell to hold your pads, whilst the charge dock has a USB-C connector so you can plug in and power-up as you play. If you flip the two upside down and the other way round, well, it’s clear to see.

Here you can see its clear shell, atop you can just make out the USB-C insert. The grip doesn’t charge the Joy-Cons without the cable plugged in, so this accessory simply offers up a wired option for those who need that extra blast of controller fuel. It works, but I wonder, with one simply difference, why is this charge grip not part of the package? Does a USB-C insert really cost that much more to make?

But alas, with roughly twenty hours of playtime each Joy-Con brings, how many will find such a need for a product like this? And perhaps that’s why we’re left with simply a shell in our own system packaging.


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