Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

For those who don’t like wiimotes, game pads, or Joy-Cons, meet the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It’s like all those other pads you own, ideal for the player who love a bit of familiarity with their button pushing devices. It even has a proper D-pad, what happened to those? 

Here we have the Pro on a knee. The see-through design isn’t for everyone, but I quite like looking at the insides that make it mine. Apparently some Pro controllers have a secret message under the right stick, a thank you of sorts, but mine nor my friend’s had this little note. Is it an American thing?

The controller does everything a Joy-Con can (well, apart from connecting to the Switch or separating, the IR reader… okay) with HD rumble, gyro, screen capture, and the NFC scanner keeping things nice and pricey, but also worth that slightly stomach turning £59.99 price point. Have a play around with one, and it’s unlikely the Joy-Cons will do much for you anymore, it has that kind of weight. Plus it seems to be lacking those disconnection issues so many seem to be experiencing. That’s what it means to go pro, probably.

And here we have the Wii U Pro controller on one knee, next to the Switch Pro on the other. The Wii U pro controller likes thumb prints and scratches, whereas the Switch Pro doesn’t care much for thumb prints, but also doesn’t mind scratches, I’ve already scuffed the bottom of mine, but then that’s what you get for keeping plastic above radiators…


And finally, excuse the blur, this is the length of the USB-C cable. Don’t sit too close to the TV now!


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