The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Limited Edition Photo Unboxing

When it comes to new console launches, there is a certain appeal to going completely bonkers with the whole ordeal. Grab those unnecessary accessories, pick up that £50 party game you’ll play once, rinse the day one download store, and of course get the most luxurious special edition that exists. The aftermath is a miserable, confusing, poor experience, but on the run up? Well, it all feels so right when those gigantic boxes end up over the fence thanks to Yodel.

And so we have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Limited Edition. A box bigger than the console the game is actually for. Here are some pics.



First we have the soundtrack.

This is always a popular addition when it comes to collector’s edition ta… treasure, and Breath of the Wild has a beautiful piano led soundtrack to take you to the wilderness, ideal for those on launch day who didn’t actually get their Switch units on time. I closed my eyes, and almost felt like I was there.

The rusty Master Sword statue is the highlight of the package though, heavy enough to be a ‘Thinker’ type murder weapon, small enough to fit high up on a shelf so no one else can see it when they visit. Not a life-size replica, and attempting to pull it from its pedestal is not recommended. Just think about how much you paid for this thing!.

The contents will please most Zelda lovers, though there is a certain niggling thought that may cross through the mind for those aware of the American ‘Master Edition‘, which adds a full size map of the game world and a Sheikah slate (it’s an eye symbol) pouch for your new Switch as part of the package. It’s okay though, that’s called the ‘Master Edition’, only suitable for masters, and they certainly don’t come from the EU. You won’t be keeping your Switch safe with this package, but you’ll still have the master Sword in your home, and that’s what really matters, doesn’t it?

Naturally a copy of the game (no reversible cover for those with no love for the EU art)  is also included, but that’s to be expected, really

And so the bank account sits in a crumpled pile, weeping. As do I. it’s part of the fun.


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