Release Date: 3rd March 2017
Nintendo Switch

A new console from Nintendo means new gimmicks to play around with, and what better way to experience all the ‘new’ than with a mini-game compilation showcasing all these features? The Wii had Wii Sports as a pack-in to bring forth the future that was motion control, the Wii U had Nintendo Land as a pack-in to sell (at least try to) asymmetrical gaming, and now 1-2-Switch is set to do the same for the Switch. Sold separately. 


1-2-Switch is the launch day mini game collection from Nintendo, putting 28 games in the hands of Switch owners so they can play around with the joys of Joy-Cons, gyro, HD rumble, and the IR sensor situated on the bottom of the right Joy-Con, unlikely to be used for much else. The games are brief 2 player versus types, from sword fighting to the sex joke game of milking, and they work well at showing how neat it all is, and then everyone moves on.

You see, despite 1-2-Switch being a party game, each game presented with clean live action demonstrations, there isn’t enough meat. The games are almost as brief as Wario Ware ventures, but separated by the demos and menu screens, and the board game is as throwaway as they come. As much as I tried, once people had chuckled at milking, and gone ‘ooh’ at the HD rumble ball rolling game, they couldn’t be bribed into playing more.

Even bundled they wouldn’t dance.



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