Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition Unboxing

Fire Emblem has come a long way in recent years, from a near permanent franchise death to receiving multiple games a year and fancy special editions such as this one. The flames certainly burn brighter than ever.

The first item snuggled at the top of the box is the Fire Emblem pin set. These pixel pins are perfect for sticking onto hats, bags, skin, walls, or anywhere else that can take a slight stabbing. The protagonists of Shadows of Valentia are feature, along with Marth. Because, you know, it’s Marth.

The set also includes an art book and CD, the two pieces that every special edition must include by law. One flip through the art book is all anyone will ever need, a showcase of character portraits and environments thrown together with wild abandon. It’s worth noting that the art style for this game is a little more flavoursome than the generic anime styling the series has been dealing with for quite some time. It’s all in the colouring.

The soundtrack CD is a little more substantial than your typical special edition sound selection CD. Of course it doesn’t have everything, but what is here is an hours worth of Fire Emblem melodies, with the NES and 3DS versions side by side for careful comparison, perfect for long car journeys with loved ones.

There is also a copy of the game, which should be expected, yet there seems to be a slither of special editions for other games out in the wild that don’t actually include a copy of the game, just the tat (specially created fan goods).

One neat feature, which may or may not be special edition exclusive, is the ability to reverse the sleeve and enjoy the classic box art for a game you most likely won’t have any nostalgia for. In the 90’s they didn’t even bother releasing Fire Emblem in the West!


Finally we come to the game’s special amiibo. Celica and Alm unlock special dungeons when used within the game, both hiding some worthwhile loot. It’s interesting to note that these are the first Fire Emblem amiibo outside of the Smash Brothers series, and most certainly won’t be the last.

It never is.



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