Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run
Release Date: 23rd March (Android)

Mobile Mario was always going to be a thing the day Nintendo announced their journey into the world of Androids and Apples, and within a year here he is, running headfirst into a pay wall. Ouch. 

Super Mario Run requires a one-off payment of £9.99 to enjoy its twenty-four levels of running, jumping and coin collecting in the classic ‘New’ style. It’s not a bad price considering the quality of platforming on offer, each level having at least one unique element to deal with, from sliding slopes to unlocking doors, making full use of the one tap jump mechanic that has more nuances than one would expect.

They advertise the idea that you can play one-handed, whilst eating cake, or stroking a cat with the other hand, but to do so would lead to some crummy scores. You need to be alert to determine the best routes, which tend to lead to secret coloured coins, required for uncovering secret stages.

Worth it or not, in the world of mobile, free to play is king. The thing is, it could quite easily have worked in such a world, all they needed was to throw in some energy meters, plus the ability to pay for extra life bubbles and Toads. In fact Toad Rally, the online coin collecting competition component feels like a free to play kind of thing anyway, with character and kingdom customisation unlocks tied to different coloured Toads gained from grinding an eternity of victories.

Will you pay to run?



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