ACA NeoGeo: Shock Troopers

ACA NeoGeo: Shock Troopers
Release Date: 3rd March 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

It’s truly shocking that Shock Troopers is rarely mentioned when it comes to fondly looking back at the NeoGeo. You have The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and Metal Slug constantly popping up, largely thanks to the seemingly yearly releases these series enjoy, but the ACA series is finally allowing hidden gems to come out and play once more. Shock Troopers is one such game, and it guns and grenades with the best of them. 

An evil organisation with the wonderfully edgy name ‘Bloody Scorpion’ wants to rule the New World, taking a leading scientist’s granddaughter hostage so he can help them achieve such a goal. It’s up to the Shock Troopers, an eight man group of racial stereotypes, to put a stop to all this, running and gunning top down, side on and even isometrically, through mountains, jungles and valleys, three unique paths for three unique playthroughs. There is a whole army to plow through, and a range of serious firepower to accomplish it, making for a frantic and quite frankly bad-ass arcade classic.

It’s not as unforgiving an experience as Metal Slug, with rolls, special weapons and an eight life team mode available to keep the battle in your favour, though of course it’s no pushover either, with giant tanks, helicopters and super powered grunts never too far from putting a bullet into your troopers skull. Which isn’t much of a problem as it gives you more time to enjoy the drum n bass rock hybrid soundtrack.

Shockingly (I’m groaning, don’t you worry) good.


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