Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition

Splatoon 2 is keeping things fresh on the Nintendo Switch, perhaps the first big genuine exclusive on the system (sorry, Arms). Inking has never felt so good, and with the release of the game Nintendo has deemed it fit to freshen up their accessories with the colours of cartoon squids to keep players playing with style. The case, joy-cons and pro controller have been inked up, providing more choice and a chance to allow player 2 to go pro without having to settle for two standard greys.

As you can see, it’s the same pro controller we all know and love for the Nintendo Switch. It has the same see through plastic, the same button shapes, and even features the secret message under the right stick, ‘thnx2allgamefans!’ All that’s changed is the new grip handles and a few ink splashes and cartoon squids lying underneath the clear design. But such a change makes it that little bit special, you know? With joy-cons available in a range of colours, from blue to yellow, to pink to red, it’s nice to see the pro get some of that rainbow.

Plus it’s a great reason to double up if you like a little variety in your pad collection. My friends no longer complain about big hands and little joy-cons, though thinks certainly don’t stay fresh if they try to reach for my Splatoon 2 pad.

And thus, so began the turf wars.



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