Splatoon 2 Collection Amiibo: Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Inkling Squid

The current trends never last long, and once you’ve spent a few paychecks on kitting yourself out to belong with the rest, they’ve already moved onto the new best. Splatoon 2 is a case in point, as the Inkling boy, girl and squid return with the freshest looks. For now, at least.

A new haircut changes a lot of things, and long flowing tentacle hair is no longer the in thing. Keep it short and keep it lean. Also note the new duelies, which removes the bulks and adds two shots for the price of one. If you aren’t dueling with duelies, you’re just as stale as the four-month old cod sitting in the fridge. Got to throw that out at some point.

It really is all about the hair, as Inkling boy also cuts his locks. When used in Splatoon 2 each amiibo unlocks unique gear, with the old Inkling boy providing samurai gear, whilst the new Inkling boy has moved onto the way of the ninja. It’s a similar situation with all the figures, so you gonna have to dip into past styles if you want to ink like it’s 2015.

The squid doesn’t have quite as much choice when it comes to following the latest trends, so this squid simply jumps above the rest. When you’re looking down on others, surely you’re as fresh as they come?

But as you may note he’s looking upwards, upwards at the future, knowing full well that this feeling of being the freshest of the fresh is but a fleeting moment.

Fashion never stands still.


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