Pikmin amiibo

Pikmin are tiny carrot like creatures which like to pick things up and move them to whoever’s bidding. As you can see, I’ve caught a group of them trapped in a plastic cage. 

It’s been a while since an amiibo released solo, though it isn’t the first time we’ve seen the helpful creatures in NFC mode. Olimar leads, but these Pikmin don’t seem too interested in following, too busy relaxing around the junk they’ve collected.

The colours of the Pikmin represent their speciality. Blue can swim, red don’t burn, yellow can take a little shock, the pink can fly, and the grey Pikmin hiding at the back likes to say ‘I am an island, I am a rock’. We think. Note that the creepy poison white Pikmin and the chunky purple Pikmin are absent. Maybe a wild Bulborb ate them along the way?

As for what this amiibo does, it generally functions in the same way as the Olimar amiibo, unlocking costumes and skins in a variety of different titles. With the latest 3DS game, Hey! Pikmin, the function is slightly different form their leader, with the Pikmin amiibo having the ability to level up so more Pikmin can be called upon in the variety of stages via Pikmin Park, whereas Olimar can only call a set amount to do his bidding.

And remember, a large army of cute creatures is suddenly no longer such a cute thing. Like ants, enough of them could tear you limb from limb, so if you’re on board for Hey! Pikmin, maybe you’ll want to bring this plastic along for total carnage. Or simply for some extra hands to carry some random junk. They’ll follow you to the ends of the earth either way.

For now.



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