Samus Aran & Metroid Amiibo

They’ve really gone all out for the return of Samus, with the new 3DS game released alongside a special edition and two new amiibo. It wasn’t so long ago that fans were setting up a remembrance shrine for our favourite bounty hunter, so all this, yeah this, is kind of beautiful. *sniff* 

Of course thanks to Super Smash Bros we already have a Samus Aran amiibo, but she was one of the early ones, standing at an angle, looking a little thin, just a lacklustre interpretation of the character all in all. The new Samus is more like it, crouching with an intent to either kill or look bad-ass. Check out the new bulky armour, someone’s power suit has been hitting the gym.

And the Metroid amiibo is the next general enemy to be featured as a plastic NFC figure before the iconic Goomba and Koopa fodder (they are coming soon though!). The best thing about the Metroid is the squishy factor, which makes it quite simply adorable. You can squish it each time you walk past, or even take it into bed for some squishy squashy cuddles.

Ok, maybe not that.

And as for the functionality of these two figures within Metroid: Samus Returns? Samus will give you a reserve tank and unlock Metroid II: Return of Samus artwork, whilst the Metroid will point you towards the next Metroid to vanquish, and unlock an extra difficulty mode based on Metroid Fusion. Too substantial for some, but personally it feels kind of nice to have more than costumes and power-ups with these plastic purchases.




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