Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Classic Mini

The Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Classic Mini was the hottest unavailable item of last year, and now we have the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Classic Mini looking to be a surefire unavailability once again. But they exist, yes, I’m holding one here. 20+1 games, two pads, and a whole lot of pixels. Though never more than 16 bits. 

The dinky machine fits perfectly in large hands, and perfectly captures the magical design of the non-American edition of the console, though that lovely chunky eject button doesn’t do a thing. I didn’t buy a SNES till the Gamecube was a thing, but I remember spending many a time at my friend’s house smacking that eject button every time I lost at Street Fighter II. Well, not every time, but you know, sometimes you just got to smack that thing.

It fits real nicely next to the NES Mini, neither taking up all that much room, and longer wires means you don’t have to be sat a foot from the television to play the damn thing. It’s a shame the system has nine games less than the NES, but the selection does a good job at reminding those over twenty fives why they have such fond memories of the system. Unless they ended up just buying licensed junk, then they might be simply wondering why Lethal Weapon isn’t included.

What is included though is a never before released SNES game, Star Fox 2! It was shafted so not to eat into Lylat Wars (Okay, Star Fox 64!) on the N64, though the more open approach to the space shooter would have been a fairly impressive swan song for the system. Now it’s simply a curiosity, which is okay, for the SNES Mini is kind of a curiosity more than anything people are going to seriously plug-in and play for months on end. Even if you can play meaty RPGs such as Earthbound and Final Fantasy III, or some of the best pixel perfect platforming such as Super Mario World and Mega Man X.

These things aren’t scarce because people want to play them, so it goes.


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