ACA NeoGeo: The King Of Fighters ’95

ACA NeoGeo: The King Of Fighters ’95
Release Date: 12th October 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

When arcade gaming was more than just a small corner tucked away in a Blackpool Coin Pusher Amusements Centre, you had to be the freshest slice of coin sucking entertainment to ensure survival. The King Of Fighters achieved this through yearly updates, so unless the arcade proprietor was a real stingy kind of guy, kids would be able to spend all their lunch money without the feeling that things are getting a little bit ancient. And so, The King Of Fighters ’95 was the first update of many, showing that yearly updates had some merit for the industry. Not that I ever actually saw a King Of Fighters arcade cabinet in the UK…


KOF ’95 isn’t a simply tweak of ’94. The three team fighting is still present and correct, but new stages take us to new places, from a classy jazz bar to the outskirts of a smoky factory, and a new team is in place to give the lead character Kyo Kusangi something to build a rivalry out of. It’s feels more sequel than update, and the 95 edition includes a feature which puts it way ahead of the original start-up bout. Custom teams, oh yes, say it aloud, then say it to me some more.

Custom teams means you can build your three fighter team, no longer stuck with that one fighter you just can’t do jack with. Put rivals with rivals, or freaks with geeks, whoever you can use cheaply against the brutal computer for an easier victory. Forever fresh.


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