ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 3

ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 3
Release Date: 3rd March 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

Here we are, it’s the Metal Slug everyone who knows Metal Slug knows, and also the Metal Slug everyone who doesn’t know Metal Slug knows (say that fast). Number 3 is the classic, that one to play, that one that always sees a re-release no matter the console, and here we are again with it on the Switch. It’s as they say, three really is the magic number. 

Metal Slug 3 doesn’t do anything fundamentally different from the previous entries, it only continues the escalation of chaos. But what chaos! Whilst 2 added camels, 3 adds elephants, rockets, mechs, and more. Whilst 2 added a laser, 3 adds the ability to transform into a zombie and eradicate jets with a fountain of vomit blood. You see 3 adds more without thinking of limitations, it’s simply a playground of madness for the player to try to survive within. And when you have a shotgun or rocket lawncher!, survive you will. Well, for a little longer than usual, anyhow.

Metal Slug 3 is the classic go to in the franchise, but it isn’t perfect. Bosses feel more like meat shields than interesting challenges to overcome, and the final mission is  longer than the previous four combined. Previous Slugs are a little fairer, a little leaner, but 3 has the magic of variety and escalation going for it. You may curse another alien tunnel of zombie clones, but around the corner there is a free-falling death battle with a giant squid alien, so all is quickly forgiven. It’s all downhill from here.


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