The Champions amiibo Set – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Collection

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has seen a steady trickle of new content coming out for it throughout 2017, be it digital or plastic. I’ve yet to fully immerse myself in such a world, but here I am with the latest amiibo range. I don’t know these people!

So here we have Urbosa, a Gerudo don’t I know it. In the game Link must find the four Champions to help access the Great Beasts which roam the land. The amiibo provide further assistance by dropping daily loot for Link to unbox, with a chance of accessing rare Champions equipment! Looting isn’t such a positive gaming term these days, but at least once you own the plastic, you can let the sky rain treasure without your wallet reopening and pouring along with it.

Here we have Revali, a bird person who wears a rather fetching scarf. He should be featuring along with the other Champions in the next batch of Breath of the Wild download content, due sometime between now and New Years Eve. You’d think they would have aligned the new amiibo with the DLC release date, but I guess a slight delay happened somewhere down the line.

Mipha is a Zoro, a Zoro a lot of Zelda fans on the internet seem to ‘adore’. It’s nice to see this Zelda race back again, it’s been quite some time! One of my favourite Zelda memories is transforming into one in Majora’s Mask, and swimming gracefully through the dirty sea. They screwed with the controls a little too much in the 3DS remake though…

Last, but certainly not least, we have Daruk the Goron. His heft size feels like good value for money, don’t you feel that way when you buy a nice big chunky amiibo? At eleven pounds a pop it’s nice to have something which could function as a rather solid paper weight. At least I think so anyway. My favourite amiibo include Bowser and King Dedede. Maybe Daruk will join that gang, I like holding him in my hand. Ah.

And so, despite not being so familiar with the Champions in-game, I feel like I’ve gotten to know them fairly well as they sit on my desk, watching my every move. Be they good or bad, we’re friends now and that’s all that really matters.




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