Nintendo Switch Pro Controller -Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Edition

Another limited edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller design puts me one pad closer to having the ultimate 4 player party, free of friends complaining that the Joy Cons feel too small in their gigantic hands. You see, I do care!

The standard Pro Controller is a robust but rather boring looking block of grey plastic. Splatoon 2 added a splat of colour on the handles, and now the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Edition adds a full coating, and a rather fetching green X. Now this is the one for my hands to sweat on!

They say the D-Pad, that four-way button thingy on the bottom left, has seen improvements from other models, now offering more accurate actions for rapid fire thumbs. It gave me an ‘excuse’ to take Metal Slug for another spin, and maybe it felt a little better aiming those bullets into explosive barrels… but as I watched the on-screen soldiers crumble and burn, I couldn’t be entirely sure. Better or not, I wouldn’t go chucking your old Pro Pads out into the night, they still love you, wonky D-Pad or not.

One more funky pad design is all I need for the most colourful 4 player Switch party bash, Joy Cons be damned, though as I lined the three up here, I realised I don’t actually know three other people who’d be happy to sit and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe till stupid O’ Clock. In fact I don’t even know two other people who’d… I don’t even know one other person who’d… at least I can pick a controller based on my mood. At least I can do that.

And I can enjoy a rather colourful pink backside now too! Erm…


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