Channel Gaming’s 2017 List Of Rotting Old Games That Were Still Kind Of Fun To Play

When it comes to gaming, you’ll find me in the past most of the time, and digital services are great ways to prevent a love of retro from ravaging a wallet or two. So here we are, five classics re-released in 2017 to make us look backwards, never forwards. If it wasn’t for the white bomber, this might as well have been a top five ACA Neo Geo list. Keep pumping them out, Hamster Corporation, keep putting me into the 90’s!

5. ACA Neo Geo Waku Waku 7

Meet ‘Anime’ the fighting game. Waku Waku 7 is for 90’s anime what BlazBlue is for 00’s anime, taking character archetypes from that era and making them into 2D pixel perfect bruisers. If you’ve ever wondered who’d win in a fight between Totoro or old man Joseph Joestar, you can kind of find out here! Though unlike Blazblue, Waku Waku 7 is all parody, baby, so don’t worry, they left all the ‘edge’ in the frames they stole from.

Read more about this game here.

4. Bomberman ’94

bman 94

Bomberman ’94 is the sole Turbografx 16 entry in the list, blowing a hole through what could have been a wall of pure Neo Geo. In 94 it was business as usual for the white bomber, but when business as usual involves intense friendship murdering multiplayer, and chunky charming cartoon worlds, only a fool would go and Act Zero it. They did bring in a new kangaroo thing called Louie, but we all loved Louie, we all hugged Louie.

Read more about this game here.

3. ACA Neo Geo The King Of Fighters ’95

There are quite a few renditions of The King of the Fighters to sample via the Nintendo Switch eShop, with ’98 being a firm favourite, yet ’95 is the yearly update I’d get black and blue for. This is the entry which allowed players to pick and choose their three-man team. This is the entry which gave us smoky jazz bars and steaming industrial backdrops. This is the entry which let me win without devouring my credits. Victory!

Read more about this game here.

2. ACA Neo Geo Shock Troopers

Through jungles, mountains, and valleys, the Bloody Scorpion terrorist group must be stopped! Thankfully a team of eight is at hand to make such a trip, tearing apart an army worth of enemies with hot lead, on foot, on bike, on a zip-line.. whatever it takes, really. The sequel was also made available in 2017, but does it feature ambient dub step soundtrack? No, I didn’t think so… and it’s the little things that make these classics.

Read more about this game here.

1.ACA Neo Geo Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 is the king of Neo Geo. Whilst MS 1 and X are also worth anyone’s time, 3 is the one which overindulged in insanity. Running and gunning is one thing, stumbling and puking volatile blood is another. Riding tanks is something, sure, but why not take a Woolly Mammoth for a spin? Deserts and jungles, we’ve all been there, but have you murdered not-Nazis in space, have you ever taken off in a rocket for that?

Read more about this game here.

Who needs the now when you have the then? Let’s all go past tense, let’s all go now. I mean then.


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