Bayonetta Special Edition

Here we are again, with another spicy special edition unboxing for you to enjoy. For Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, this is the second time both games have been grinding up to each other, though things have changed since the days of the Wii U, it’s no longer a case of let’s get physical…

Inside the rather dinky box is a collection of seductive treats. And hey look, Bayonetta has even given the card a good smooch. You don’t get that going standard.

Though everyone has to put up with the original Bayo being a measly download code, no matter which box you go for. The special edition may include a swish steelbook with artwork for both games on display, but only the sequel gets to live in plastic.

The Wii U release plastered her goods onto two discs, but times have changed, so you’ll just have to do a bit of role-play when you stick that cartridge in the slot and pick that digital Bayonetta 1 from the eshop. ”Oh, yeah, I know you’re melded together in that cart. Oh yes, you can’t fool me.” Stuff like that, it’s what I do every time I play.

There are a few more physical goodies to enjoy however. Look, stickers! You can stick Bayonetta on your bag, on a wall, or even give them to your kids! Can you imagine how cool they’ll appear at school with their lunchbox covered in the stuff? I certainly can.

The neatest gift in the box are the Tarot Cards. They are shiny and stylish, with little branding slapped onto them so you can read fortunes without having to explain what a Bayonetta is. My fortunes always come out grim. That’s just how it is.

One for all the family.


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