Rocket League

Rocket League 
Release Date: 26th January 2018 (Nintendo Switch Physical Release)

Football is often referred to as the beautiful game, and I can see what people mean when they call it so. There is nothing more moving than seeing a team work in harmony, minds in total sync, as they pass and shoot for the opponent’s goal. When a goal happens with such precision between players, well, it can reduce a grown man to tears, that’s what they say, that’s what I see. And hearing those engines roar, witnessing paint jobs grind up against one another, and smelling the burning rubber, yes, that’s the beautiful game right there. That’s Rocket League football, indeed.

Rocket League has allowed players to enjoy four-wheeled ball games for a while now, this Switch version was merely an eventuality, as the game makes it onto as many systems that can handle 3 versus 3 online car flipping matches. A few visual downgrades have been made, one Rocket Lover (that’s what they call them, I think) joked that this is akin to a PlayStation 2 version of the game, but those engines run well, and you can still drive around in a DeLorean. Or take a spin in Mario’s machine, 8-bit boings’ included, if you really need something extra to make the portable venture worth the while.

Rocket League is a hit thanks to how universal the concept is, how deep one can go with the touches, with the flips, and how snappy it all is with five-minute countdowns to keep the players daring. Football with cars is beautiful indeed.


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