Detective Pikachu Amiibo

For some reason Pikachu is now a detective. He loves coffee as much as Agent Dale Cooper, talks like a chain smoker, and loves seeking clues, and ‘skirt’. Adulthood hits everybody hard, it really does. 

The amiibo manages to visualise a few of these new traits. I mean, who else wears deerstalker caps other than detectives? Plus if you take a peek at the portion of map Detective Pikachu stands upon, you can see a little coffee shop icon. The angry face we see is when he’s suffering a bad caffeine come down. Which is most of the time, I imagine.

Though putting aside his new profession, the one other thing to note is how huge he’s become, his bones must have grown from all the milk he’s ingested through coffee. It’s the biggest plastic amiibo ever (Mega Yarn Yoshi still holds the title of biggest amiibo), though with perhaps one of the most pitiful amiibo uses thus far. Plonk him onto your 3DS whilst playing Detective Pikachu and re-watch a series of videos previously encountered. Great sleuthing that.


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