Off The Hook (Pearl & Marina) Splatoon Collection amiibo

”Why is it that we stand so still? People gonna start thinking we’re statues.”

Oops, wrong ‘Off The Hook’! But it kind of works for these two new amiibo, right? Right!

Splatoon 2 is still fresh a year on, with content rolling out frequently, including a recent  single player Octo based expansion, and amiibos to play around with. Pearl and Marina are the new pop idols to worship, Callie Marie now yesterdays news, and now you can have special photo opportunities with the dazzling duo! In and out of the game. See yr idols, feel yr idols, kill yr idols. You can have it all.

Or just use them to unlock new gear, if being a feverish fan isn’t your bag.

The new figures look better than ever, almost good enough to not hide away when you have a successful date come on over for the first time. It must be due to less amiibo being released these days, or someone behind this latest line being as big a fan of the two as you and I.

Whatever the case, stay fresh! I mean, stay off the hook!

It’s hard to keep up with what’s hip in the world of squids…


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