Arcade Archives: Double Dragon

Arcade Archives: Double Dragon 
Release Date: 18th Janurary 2018 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

The memory most share regarding Double Dragon is how it ends. The combat, levels, and enemies might be a little fuzzy on the mind, for there were plenty of side scrolling brawlers to sink coins into back when, packed with street gangs and baseball bats to pick up and swing against their skulls, but the ending was something else. If you made it through with a friend, it became a fight to the death over the damsel in distress. It was either you or your friend, what a twist. Perhaps it’s for the best that such a memory remains as that. 1987 was a long time ago, you know…

Double Dragon sees you punching, kicking, and awkwardly jumping your way through streets, factories, mountains and temples to reach Marian, the girl who causes the Double Dragons of Billy and Jimmy Lee to rise and take action. Cheap traps, pits of doom, and cheap Hulk sized enemies make the journey a real credit cruncher, with added lag for those who choose to take on the challenge with a temporary friend by your side. You can feel the age of it all when the screeching elevator in stage two brings the boss up, an ear piercing screech in need of a good dose of oil.

As a novelty it’s fun to revisit the days before Street of Rage, but there is little to enjoy outside of humming those old tunes, and remembering the good old days of arcade machines. I wasn’t even born.

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