Mario Sports Superstars amiibo Cards

It’s a new week, so of course there are a new set of amiibo to collect. Mario Sports Superstars is the sport game compilation for the Nintendo 3DS which brings golf, tennis, baseball, football, and … horse riding together into one tidy package, and thus the new card series also brings all five sports together, with one card from each sport included in each blind pack.  Continue reading

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo

acAnimal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo
Release Date: 2nd November 2016
Nintendo 2DS/3DS

It’s been 2.5 years since Animal Crossing New Leaf has been welcoming players to a world of guitar playing dogs, bug infested vacation islands, hoarding items in homes, and chopping down other players trees. For 2,5 years it’s been a wonderful life for anyone who wants to escape the brutal place that is reality, and now New Leaf is welcoming amiibo into the fold, who are a bit more plastic than you and I, but make for an even more enjoyable virtual life. Though it will make your reality that little bit bleaker as your bank account is emptied due to your new collection of cards and figures… swings and roundabouts they say. Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Collection amiibo


The first amiibo range to be released without a game attached to them. We’ve had The Legend of Zelda amiibo released alongside Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, but these lumps of plastic have arrived for the 30th anniversary, providing compatibility with past titles and the upcoming Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, which didn’t make it in time for the anniversary. So I guess these will have to do.  Continue reading

Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Daisy Super Mario Collection amiibo


The latest round of Super Mario amiibo introduce us to some of the sides. The sides that follow the mains, the sides that sometimes don’t even get to do that. It’s tough being a side, you often get left to the side of the plate. Some people might even have the cheek to say ‘its just decoration’. Sigh.

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Rosalina, Boo, Wario, Donkey Kong Super Mario Collection amiibo


Back in March 2015, Mario Party 5 was released to not so critical acclaim, and a whole slew of new amiibo also appeared alongside it, the Super Mario amiibo collection. It only feature Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach and Bowser though, leaving out a number of key players who could roll the dice in the main game. The Super Mario amiibo could be seen in-game for the likes of Rosalina and Wario however, leading many to believe that a second wave would soon be around the corner. Nineteen months later, and here they are. Kept you waiting, huh?

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Callie, Marie, and the Inkling Boy, Girl, Squid Variants Splatoon amiibo


In the space of a year, Splatoon has gone from an uncertain experiment to a new Nintendo success. The team based paint shooting  kept the Wii U from being completely out of it during 2015, and this year Nintendo decided to pump out some more amiibo to celebrate, and make more money. Thus, here are two new amiibo based on a duo who have virtually sung live in France, and a bunch of variants. Of course.

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