Pokemon Go

poke-go Pokemon Go
Release Date: 14th July 2016 (UK)

As per usual, I’m always a little late to the party. The day I bought a yo-yo, the yo-yo’s were banned at school. The day I bought a birthing alien, everybody else had moved onto something else. The day I brought my first set of Pokemon cards to school, they were also banned. And now I’ve finally got round to writing a little bit about the new mobile app Pokemon Go, and no one else is really talking about it anymore. Ho hum, you never do catch up on fads if you couldn’t catch up with them as a kid.¬† Continue reading


Release Date: 31st March 2016 (UK)


Shareholders have been pressuring Nintendo to release some games on mobile phones for a number of years now. Each meeting the question would arise, and finally, Nintendo have decided to jump into the mobile zone. And no, their first app isn’t Pokemon Go. There is this thing called Miitomo which launched a few months back… Continue reading