Bomberman ’94

Bomberman ’94
Release Date: 2nd February 2017 (Wii U Virtual Console UK)
Turbografx 16
Hudson Soft

It’s Bomberman’s 33rd birthday this year, and he’s celebrating in style after everybody missed his 30th, with a collection of classic re-releases and a brand spanking new game on the brand spanking new Nintendo Switch. This is one of his older entries, but with the help of some hopping kangaroos, it’s also one of the best.  Continue reading

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip is the product for those who don’t want to give their Joy-Cons time to rest, to ensure they can keep going without those things called breaks, that concept called waiting. It’s a product also for those who love the feeling of hard cold clear plastic in their hands, as seeing the insides of something can make things that little bit more… personal. It’s a product that suits many needs, I guess. Continue reading

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set

When you buy something with a screen, you’ve got to protect it! So here we have the Nintendo Switch Accessory Set, which includes a case to keep your Nintendo Switch snug on long journeys, a screen protector to keep accidental and dock scratches at bay, plus a … that’s it. I guess two items still makes a set.  Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Limited Edition Photo Unboxing

When it comes to new console launches, there is a certain appeal to going completely bonkers with the whole ordeal. Grab those unnecessary accessories, pick up that £50 party game you’ll play once, rinse the day one download store, and of course get the most luxurious special edition that exists. The aftermath is a miserable, confusing, poor experience, but on the run up? Well, it all feels so right when those gigantic boxes end up over the fence thanks to Yodel.

And so we have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Limited Edition. A box bigger than the console the game is actually for. Here are some pics. Continue reading

Mario Sports Superstars amiibo Cards

It’s a new week, so of course there are a new set of amiibo to collect. Mario Sports Superstars is the sport game compilation for the Nintendo 3DS which brings golf, tennis, baseball, football, and … horse riding together into one tidy package, and thus the new card series also brings all five sports together, with one card from each sport included in each blind pack.  Continue reading