ACA NeoGeo: World Heroes 2

ACA NeoGeo: World Heroes 2
Release Date: 25th January 2018 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

It’s easy to drown on the NeoGeo. Fighting games are stacked on every corner, they pile up high, till you can no longer see the sky. The King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, Waku Waku 7,Sengoku, World Heroes, and this is just a surface scratch. It’s easier just to break on through the lot with a Tiger Uppercut, and head to well-worn roads with the likes of Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat, but climbing those suffocating walls often leads to new horizons. World Heroes 2 isn’t one of them, but it tries, oh, it tries.
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ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 2

ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 2
Release Date: 6th July 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

Metal Slug 2 is perhaps everything you could ever want from a sequel. More guns, camels with machine guns, mummies to burn, aliens to squelch, screen filling bosses, more characters, more Slugs, more levels, more blood, more punk, more funk, more, more, more! It’s everything you could hope for, it’s everything you might not even have hoped for! Well, not quite everything… Continue reading

ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug

ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug
Release Date: 30th March 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

Metal Slug 3 is the one we all know, with the blood spewing zombies, the gun-toting monkey sidekick, the squid alien invasion, and the seemingly never-ending final mission being just a handful of the reasons why. But taking the fight back, back to where it all began, will show that it isn’t just the magical number 3 that is full of heart, metal, and slugs.  Continue reading

ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters ’94

ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters ’94
Release Date: 16th March 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

When you’ve experienced the future, sometimes it can be hard to go back, back to where it all began. The King of Fighters ’98 is that future many will have played thanks to the constant re-releases this entry enjoys, and rightfully so, with a huge roster, smooth beat downs and beautiful pixels, who wouldn’t want to experience such fighting perfection? And then we have The King of Fighters ’94, the origin story, ready and waiting to show you that time isn’t always quite so kind.  Continue reading

ACA NeoGeo: Shock Troopers

ACA NeoGeo: Shock Troopers
Release Date: 3rd March 2017 (UK Nintendo Switch Release)
Hamster Corporation

It’s truly shocking that Shock Troopers is rarely mentioned when it comes to fondly looking back at the NeoGeo. You have The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and Metal Slug constantly popping up, largely thanks to the seemingly yearly releases these series enjoy, but the ACA series is finally allowing hidden gems to come out and play once more. Shock Troopers is one such game, and it guns and grenades with the best of them.  Continue reading